Friday, April 1, 2011

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

This is one of my favorite videos. I decided to share it with you today. It has nearly 2 million hits on Youtube. I see comment after comment from teachers who say they are searching the web for things that they can show their students to get them excited about American History.

(Note to Self - Project: Make good videos for school children and post them on Youtube.)

I had no such technical wonders to ignite my passion for American History growing up. Mine all came from my family, books and teachers who could tell history like it ought to be told...with passion and knowledge. If you are just such a student searching the web and find this posting. It is here for you. I invite you to read on, for in the postings of this entire blogsite are things that will not only help you in your studies but, help you become a good citizen of our country and hopefully inspire you to learn more. There is so much to tell. Let the the cries for liberty, and justice from the past ring in your continuing pursuit of knowledge about our great nation. I invite you to follow me, for you will find that I have a great history to tell you.

I confess, in find this video entertaining, and hope you do too. I am related to the gentleman from Virginia, Thomas Jefferson and many more wonderful patriots.


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