Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 Denver Pow Wow

Last month, my husband and me were invited to attend the 2012 Denver Pow Wow in Denver at the Denver Colliseum. I knew we were in for a special treat as I had attended many Pow Wow's in the past. I also took my three children to Pow Wows at Colorado State University while a student there. My Grandparents lived in Southern Colorado and always took us to see the Kochare Dancers in La Junta, Colorado. Spell bound by the museum, artifacts and dancers. We grew up with a deep appreciation for Native peoples. If you are ever in La Junta, Colorado, please stop by the Museum and Kiva. You will see wonderful artifacts there and learn about Native peoples of the plains.
Also visit their site at The Koshare Museum

What was in store for us at the Denver Pow Wow was absolutely beautiful. Dancers from all over the United States participated.

Please take a moment to enjoy the sights and sounds of this amazing event.

View More Photos From The Denver 2012 Pow Wow Here

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