Friday, April 26, 2013

Colorado DAR State Convention

Excitement is in the air as Colorado Daughters of the American Revolution gather for State Conference this weekend. I can tell you that I am one excited duck, or rather Daughter. 

Our special guest this year is President General Merry Ann Wright. I met her when I was in Washington, D.C for Continental Congress in 2010. She is so very gracious and has worked so hard for our society. 

So being in true form, I flew up to greet her as her plane came into the beautiful State of Colorado. It was a little tough trying to catch her plane. Truth be told, I fell off a few times as I am not used to flying so fast. But many of you know me...try, try again I did. Actually, I think she was a little shocked to see me at first. When she saw my DAR pins, she knew she was being properly welcomed and smiled back. Getting down from the plane was a whole other story. 

I am excited this year to go to State Conference. I will have lots of pictures to show you when it is all over. 



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