Monday, May 2, 2011

Colonial Dancing - A Celebration for May Day

These young students are learning colonial dancing. They are absolutely adorable and you can see the hours that went into practice and their clothes. The colonies did keep the tradition of celebrating May Day. This took on may of the British forms of dancing and merriment. Some colonies did not allow such things based for cultural and religious reasons.

  • Symbolizes the return of flowers after the long days of Winter. 
  • This holiday was celebrated in many cultures.
  • On May Day, the many colonists that did celebrate this holiday went “a-maying.” “A-maying” was when colonists woke up early in the morning to go out to collect flowers. 
  • To help celebrate this special day, the colonists decorated a pole, the maypole, with flowers and ribbons. Later, they danced and sang around it.
So in honor of May Day 2011, I leave you with these little people dancing the dance of life.

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