Monday, May 9, 2011

Today's Colonial Gift

'I am a good Spellar, Spillar, Speller' says Colonial Whiskers!

In genealogy, beginners often make two common mistakes, when reading handwritten documents. They create spelling errors where none exist because some letters used to be written differently. The word usually read as 'ye' as in Ye Old Shoppe is not a strange, outdated word at all. The letter that appears to be( a y ), is actually a character known as 'a thorn', that stood for the letters 'th.' 'Ye' is actually a very modern 'the' using an outdated symbol. Also, the letter that appears to be an 'f' is actually the accepted way of writing the first s. It was never intended to represent an f. The silent e on the end of almost any word was common and and very excepted. Doubling letters was also popular as in 'shoppe', being a good example of both.

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